DAILY CHALLENGE is The “ULTIMATE” Crosswords Competition as it is played on a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD that relies solely on a player’s SKILL and involves NO LUCK. 

  1. Each day at midnight PST, a New Set of 25 Tiles is loaded and a New DAILY CHALLENGE Competition begins and lasts for 24 hours!
  2. The game is Played Solo, with no interaction with any other player during game play.
  3. For Each Day’s Competition, all players are provided with the EXACT SAME Set of 21 Letter and 4 Wild Star (exchange for any letter) Tiles with the same respective Point Values on an initial game play and any number of repeat game plays. Thus, each game is played on a “LEVEL PLAYING FIELD” providing every player the EXACT SAME opportunity of achieving success. No player ever has any advantage or disadvantage over any other player apart from the player’s own PERSONAL SKILL.
  4. The OBJECTIVE is to use these 25 Tiles to create the best combination of Crosswords and Stand-alone Words to achieve the Highest Grand Total Point Score (HIGH SCORE).
  5. There are 3 ways to COMPETE each day:
  1. The HIGH SCORE of All Players for the Current Day’s Competition is updated in real time and displayed on the TROPHY Icon Screen and TODAY’S LEADERS Screen.
  2. The HIGH SCORE of All Players for the Previous Day’s Competition (YESTERDAY’S HIGH SCORE) is displayed on the TROPHY Icon Screen, and you may Click View Previous Winners’ Grids to View the HIGH SCORE Game Grids for the Previous 7 Days.

Start and Complete Game Play

  1. A game may be started and completed anytime at a player’s convenience, however, a game must be completed by midnight PST, when a new day’s DAILY CHALLENGE Crosswords Competition begins. The Game Play Screen counts down the Time Left to midnight PST.
  2. To START a game, enter your screen name on Start Play Screen, then click START PLAY; this will take you to the Game Play Screen.
  3. There is no time limit to complete a game play, except midnight PST.
  4. Your game play can be continuous, or you can start, stop and come back to it.
  6. Click CHECK WORDS often and EVERY TIME you make a Word you are unsure of in order to promptly identify misspelled and unacceptable words:
  1. To COMPLETE a game, first click CHECK WORDS. When all of your Words are CORRECT, click COMPLETE GAME to Submit your Score; then a popup Screen displays Your Score and TODAYS LEADERS - listing the current TOP 5 HIGH SCORES.
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Letter Distribution and Point Values

Each day, the Game Play Page displays a New Set of 25 Tiles: 21 Letter Tiles and 4 Wild Star Tiles.

  1. The 21 Letter Tiles (Blue Tiles), have 3 Letter Tiles for each Point Value from 1 to 7.
  2. Any Letter Tile may have any Point Value from 1 to 7 on a given day.
  3. No Letter will be provided on more than 3 Tiles, except J, K, Q, V, X and Z will not be provided on more than 1 Tile. If the same Letter appears on more than 1 Tile, each will have a different Point Value.
  4. The 4 Wild Star Tiles (Red Tiles) have Point Values of 1, 3, 5 and 7 and may be exchanged for any letter anytime during game play. The Wild Star Tiles are Red so they may be easily identified on the Game Grid in the event you want to move them to another open Game Grid square and exchange again for any letter.
  5. The total Point Value of the 25 Tiles is 100.

Game Play

  1. Slide the Letter and Wild Star Tiles in any order and place them onto any open squares on the Game Grid to make words horizontally (left to right) or vertically (top to bottom). Words may be made crossword style (two words sharing a common letter) and stand-alone.
  2. Letter and Wild Star Tiles placed on Game Grid squares are not fixed in place. Optionally, anytime during game play, a Tile(s) may be moved to another open Game Grid square(s) as often as a player chooses to make a better combination of crosswords to improve your Score.
  3. When a Wild Star Tile is placed on a square, a Letter Popup appears and the Wild Star Tile is exchanged for any letter while retaining the same Point Value as the exchanged Tile. If a Wild Star Letter Tile is moved to another Game Grid open square, it will return to a Wild Star Tile and may again be exchanged for any letter.
  4. Scoring and BONUS Points:
  1. Correct Words: All words that are spelled correctly are acceptable (including plurals and slang), except for abbreviations, proper nouns, prefixes and suffixes, words requiring a hyphen or an apostrophe, or foreign words. A word may be made only one time in a game. Words must be 2 letters or more. When you click CHECK WORDS and a single tile(s) is on the Game Grid you receive a popup notification  “TILES SHOULD BE CONNECTED!”. Either add a letter(s) to make a word of 2 letters or more or remove the single tile(s).
  2. Strategy:
  1. Backgrounds: Click menu and Click on current background until you select the background you like best “BUBBLE” “GALAXY” “FLOWER ” CLOUDS” “SKYBLUE” “PINK”. You may change the background at anytime.
  2. Photos & Printouts: Optionally, you can take a photo “screen shot” of your Game Grid & Word Scores for your own use and to share with others. Printouts may be made from the photos.




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